Welcome to Matoshree Group of Companies

Matoshree Group  business unit falls under 4 divisions – Livestock Farming, Agricultural Products, Food Processing and Catering, with these 4 divisions there are some of the additional ventures are also been projected like – Agro Tourism, Bio Gas and Power generation, Organic Farming consultation and distribution of organic products etc.

Matoshree Group of Companies has grown rapidly since its inception – as it is present in almost every continent right from Americana (Canada) to Africa (South Africa), From Asian diaspora (Japan) to Schengen Countries (France) to Middle East Dubai GCC) and Asia Pacific (Australia). In near-future Matoshree Group of Companies wishes to expand further in order to spread its value proposition and engross with the wider cluster of global innovative stakeholders.


To empower the least emphasised group of society to
build people’s global organization.


Structuring the winning strategy, In order to accomplish
enrichment of lives and progression of local trades.

Chairman Introduction


Matoshree Group is a humble attempt to bond the people, corporate world and rural machinery for a tomorrow beyond. For the overall growth of the nation we have to surpass the rural and urban divide and have a fresh set of hands and minds at the helm of affairs.

This is possible by involving educated and well healed industry professionals, consultants and the members of civil society to work in a very professional and cohesive environment.

Preparing human capital fit to take on tomorrow's challenges in the key focus. Along the way our team is also committed to build back the nation's social fibre.

Matoshree Group - The Brand

Matoshree Group of Companies as a brand evolved in these years. We as a company has seen the thriving in the digital sector, change in the global market terms, the effect of global warming on our climate and such extent to the businesses too. In spite of, many challenges Matoshree positioned as one of the most reliable organizations. Talking about the current status of the organization, by division – 

Livestock Goat Farming

We got 35 farms ready to flourish, we have a bunch of Manpower (Skilled and Unskilled both), we wish to have equipped with the latest global technology i.e. Goat Management in the rapid progress., most important – the marketplace is allocated with rich purchaser database along with funding.

Agri Products

Inter farm produces 35 goat farms. We are into contract farming in which - at present 60+ farmer producer companies/ organizations are working each company comprises of approximately 250+ farmers along with 2 to 3 acre of farmland/farmer.

Food Product

Franchisee Model – In the form of food mart there are 50+ no.s of distributors network is active. Alongside – Local Food Manufacturers and Self-help groups are also playing a vital role.


In this division we are at stage 1 – where 100 Nos. of food carts and 20 Nos. of a food-hub are contributing. 

Matoshree is targeting growth in the upcoming financial year – Livestock Goat Farming should reach to 100cr+, Agri products around 20cr+, Food Products 40cr+ and Catering 20cr+. Along with the – 50 Corporate offices and BPO centres, 1000+ projects, 100+ franchisee across Mumbai.

In this mission, we always get support from various organization, business partners and social partners i.e. – AIKYA sarvangin Vikas Kendra (Trust) Mumbai, Hindavi Swarajya Pratishthan (Trust) Pune, Velwan Prastishthan (Trust) Pune these groups/ partners are assisting us in getting and utilizing CSR funds for the farmer –women and youth empowerment.