Bio Liquor

Excessive Alcohol consumption usually results in the failure of the central nervous system, liver damage and various other health complications. Exelon Food Bio Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Part of Matoshree group introduces the Bio Blends enriched with Bio Alkaloids, invented by Dr. Srinivas Amarnath after 18 years of widespread research while giving the same alcoholism levels as any other brands.
Bio Liquors Minimalize the ill effects caused due to alcohol consumption. However, it tastes, smells and has the same feel of Inebriation just like that of any other Liquor.

The natural spirits derived from Rice, Maize, and Jowar and supplemented with Bio Alkaloids in Bio Liquors have the same level of intoxication in terms of the alcoholic proportion as in the case of other brands existing in the market. The preparation and consumption of healing herbs have advanced through time from indefinitely measured formulas and quantities to exactly quantified volumes. Natural Spirits has own research and development centre in Bangalore. This safeguards pasteurised raw material for extremely subtle Liquor preparations.