Matoshree Group - Sectors

Keeping the Agricultural sector in the centre – Matoshree Group spread over 7 categories. These sectors are not just inter-connected to each other but also aligned with the value proposition of the mother organization. Each sector comes with its speciality, exceptional advantage(s) to the organization as well as work towards the advancement of the society. 

Additionally – expanding the organization wings are contributing in satisfying unemployment issue, development in transportation facilities, and generation of revenue for the local governments, Encourage young talents to indulge into research and development in order to create new yet useful products. It also strongly endorses the notion of entrepreneurship along with rural- women and young generation's development and progression.


Food, Water and Shelter is the basic need of any living species. And all of these are dependent on agriculture. Grains, Fruits, Green vegetables, Seeds, Lentils all grown in the field, for livestock — animals consume field food such as grass, forest hay's, fruits and soiled food from farming. Through the association of Israel and Japanese modern technology we are creating new dimensions in the agricultural sector. 
Agriculture comprises of Animal Husbandry, Dairy Farming too. These are inter-connected. Here in Matoshree, we are developing the fusion between traditional and modern technique. In Dairy Farming we are introducing Israel technology where -A modern "All included" barn for up to 100 cows which will provide improved cows' welfare conditions, for increasing milk yield of the local cow. 
Overall, the project owners get maximum chances for running a successful dairy and farm operations and fast return of the investment. Continuing the same momentum — we will form the Food processing and packaging units. For retail sales in the market group. Which later lead to catering and export/ International services. 


Agriculture produces a good amount of medical herbs, ready medicine, corps — using which an organization can build a strong pharmaceutical sector to fulfill global health demands. 
Due to the emergence of heavy antibiotics and medicines, the world is facing many genetic as well as shared issues that are really harmful to the future of society. To serve society —the adequate knowledge and science of making the right medicines play a vital role. Especially for that - our research team is fully dedicated to providing utmost products to make life easier, better to live and can increase life expectancy.

We here are accumulating all ancient and lost herbs in order to match the life we used to live 50 to 100 years back—wherein there was no such threat of sudden heart attack or non-cure deceases like Cancer etc. We hope we can bring back those times with the help of the new wave of Pharmaceuticals Discoveries in Matoshree. 


Cotton, Chiffon, Nylon, Polyester and there are many more category of threads are used in weaving our clothes. As you read- you understand textile is also one of the naturally connected sectors. 
One of the sectors where we can anticipate a high amount of production as well as employment ration to fill. As it is straight away related to the agriculture sector—the inter dependability underwrites the business continuity and can lead the production team to expand their vision. 

Along with as soon as the transition gets regularized — management can look for business tie-ups, industrial orders, and Annual Contracts too. In other words, it does not assure the stability but also the vulnerability to the sector. 

Information Technology

The growth of the IT sector is gigantic. This humongous growth can change the face of the nation — we have many such examples right from India to the Philippines. A major reason for the existence of this sector in Matoshree Group is to support all the sectors with technology whether in creating applications, web portals or hardware supporting applications. 
It is also significant that the sector could bring innovation to the group. Information Technology team constantly working on making better applications in the organization.

The Application or web portals should be built on cutting-edge technology as well as it should user-friendly. IT Team of Matoshree is committed to connecting the dots by solid tech ecosystem based on local as well as our own global networking database. 

Infrastructure and Real Estate

Infrastructure plays major in rapid time delivering services and building corporate business units for maintaining high rising status in the market. Matoshree believes in keeping nature and climate control at the center more usage of solar energy, less imitation of carbon gas and other harmful particles by making every portion on the Infrastructure or even in real estate towards green, eco-friendly and maintaining better air-water quality. 

Along with the advancement in Infrastructure and Real Estate—we are emphasising on our value proposition — A Rural Development! Matoshree would like to demonstrate insightful development planning for the rural areas, where not just the infrastructure sector could grow however through that the development in local transport, new ways of transport such as—Waterways, Rope-ways, etc. should get developed. Which would subsidize in making life easier and better? 


We are a philanthropist by nature. Our values are so deeply embedded in us that reflects in every action we take, every decision we make and each project we successfully undertake. While working in this sector we work under -Education & Literacy, Environment & Forests, Health & Family Welfare, Labour & Employment, New and Renewable Energy, Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation, Sports, Vocational Training, Water Resources, Women's Development and Empowerment, Youth Affairs, Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries these divisions. 

In this campaign, we partner with some N GO's like — Matoshree Cluster Development Foundation and Aikya Sarvangin Vikas Kendra (Trust), etc. The N G 0 is fully dedicated to the betterment of the society especially—Women, Children, and Youth which, naturally aligned to our value proposition. We look forward to making this campaign a big movement in order to engage not just local citizens but global too — along with local bodies, governments, media, digital measures, etc. 

Investment Prospectus

Matoshree Group is really a vast, wide-spread and visionary organization, however, with the contribution of rural citizens, farmers, women, Youngsters it has become a movement of the uprising. 
This is not just going to transform their lives but also implant innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship forever-you can be a part of this significant narrative! You can contribute in any sector of Matoshree Group and we guarantee you—Assured returns.

You can Invest in as a part of your CSR (Corporate social responsibility) activity, Like a Local Investment or a Donation to the Organization. We also accept funds as an FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).